Cliff F. Gray Cliff F. Gray CPP, Principal

An expert in electronic payment systems, transaction processing, and the acquiring space, Cliff is a leading authority on large-scale, high-performance payment system design, including network infrastructure, platform and software architecture, system security, and industry compliance.

Cliff was Chief Payment Architect at ClearCommerce Corporation, was Director of eCommerce with First Data Merchant Services and Chase Merchant Services, and currently provides management and technology consulting services to a variety of companies specializing in innovative solutions within the payments industry.

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Gavin P. Murphy Gavin P. Murphy CPP, Principal

With 25 years in the financial and healthcare industries, Gavin is a highly qualified network architect, and savvy business mind. His experience includes software, installations, networking, communication, system design, and business development. He specializes in high-efficiency, fault-tolerant network design, particularly in real-time environments demanded by financial and medical industries. Gavin brings a rare pragmatism to the business of technology.

Gavin has worked for various companies including First Data Merchant Services, Web/MD, and Spheris. He currently provides business development and other specialized consulting services to various industries, as well as advising corporate boards on business strategies.

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