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Strategic Payments Consulting

Payment Consulting

Gray Consulting is the product of many years of experience within the electronic payments industry; a place where leading edge technology and forward thinking gives rise to ground-breaking solutions.

Gray Consulting exists to provide services to merchants, merchant acquirers, and payment technology providers. We provide expert advice to our clients as they navigate the challenges of the payments world.

  • Strategic Payment Advice
  • PCI and Payment Security
  • PoS, EMV, P2PE, and more
  • eCommerce
  • Project Management
  • Industry Regulations
  • Acquiring
  • Expert Witness
PCI Fitness

Payment Security

Let Gray Consulting evaluate the status of your PCI compliance, and recommend strategies to reduce your cost of compliance, while improving your security stance and mitigating the risk of breach, emplying strategies such as Opting Out.

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The buzz in payments right now is EMV - are you ready? (Do you need to be?) Let Gray Consulting clarify the facts, and help you make the right investment decision for EMV.

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The Cost of Acceptance

The payment arena for merchants is more like the wild wild west than it has been in years - hundreds of interchange rates, mobile PoS, Apple Pay, alternative payments, tokenization, and more. Gray Consulting has the expertise to simplify this complex terrain, and make sure your business is running at peak operational and financial performance.

Our cost analysis takes numerous factors into account, allowing us to recommend a holistic solution that addresses your entire operation. Factors include:

  • IQA - Interchange Qualification Analysis
  • Acquirer Relationships and Contracts
  • Transaction Fees and Third Party Services

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